JEvents Tutorial

To add entries to your Events Calendar you must first create a category(s) for the events to go in.

How to Create Event Category(s).

  • From the menu, choose Components > JEvents > Manage Categories
  • Click the New Button
  • Choose a color for your category.  This color will show as a background on your calendar, for events in that category.
  • Type in a Category Title and Category Name.
  • Click the Save button
  • Publish the category by clicking on the red x under the word published.   It will turn into a green check mark.

Now you may add events to your calendar.

  • Go to:  Components > Events > Manage Events
  • Click the New Button.
  • Type in a Subject and select a category.
  • Type in a description, location, contact, etc. (if desired).
  • Click on the 'Calendar' tab at the top of the Add Event box.
  • Fill in the start date (the date of the event) and time.  Fill in the date the event finishes (if different than the start date) and the time the event finishes.   If an event repeats, let's say every week or every month, use the options on the chart below to auto repeat the calendar entry.
  • Click the Save button
  • Go to the front end to see your calendar event.
  • To edit the event, go back to the admin site.  Go to Components > Events > Manage Events.   Click on the event you wish to edit and make desired changes.